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I enjoyed carrying the new dslr with me while doing shopping with my wife. It just means that I have lesser room to carry her stuff!

The amazing thing with the 5DII is the way it seems to absorb all available light, along with its high ISO performance (less noise) it really does make taking photos that much easier.

This was the shopping complex that we were heading too, it was getting quite dark, but the extra lights from the building (including neighbouring ones) helped make this shot possible without a tripod.



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Literally minutes after un-boxing the Canon 5DII with 24-105mm f4, I hung the camera out of the window and tested a few exposures in auto.
This is the view from where we stay in Wenzhou (Luchen). I love the contrasts between old/new buildings. The windows, roof all creates a very cosy environment.

My wife tells me that the old traditional houses are now protected from being demolished and upgraded. From a distance they look pretty crap, but I assure you that there’s alot to appreciate about the type of architecture down there, its pretty unique!

I have a few photos of the activities such as night life within the inner streets, which will be uploaded in due course.

Jiangxi Yu

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We made our way to Jianxin Yu by boat, which only takes about 15 minutes once she starts moving.

The island has lots of greenery and scenic views. There is a bonsai garden, temples and the 2 famous towers, although access is somewhat restricted.

We left while the sun descended, leaving some really amazing colours of the clouds, river and buildings.

Jiangxi Yu

Jiangxi Yu

Jiangxi Yu

Our table & (more importantly) the presentation

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The Wenzhou cuisine usually involves a series of small plates and dishes, which really stimulate the taste buds to prepare for the main plates.

We stayed at Lucheng District in Wenzhou, which is minutes away from Jiangxin Island and temple.

The restaurant (where these were taken) was directly opposite Jiangxin. One of the more ‘pricier’ rooms boasts an impressive glass wall which stretches across the entire room allowing full coverage of the island and its scenic views.

We’ve been there for lunch and dinner and can confidently say, the views at night are simply spectacular.

It was a formal dining, so the DSLR had to stay at home, but I did capture some neat shots of the presentation with the Samsung Galaxy S

The Chinese sure know a thing or two about presentation!


One of the Dishes

Arriving at Shanghai Airport

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My journey continues from Auckland to Shanghai (eventually to Wenzhou).

These are photos taken of Shanghai International Airport. I absolutely love the golden arches and beams that runs through the ceiling.

As you check in and walk through the terminal, there are quite a number of silver statutes groupings that resemble families waiting for their flights and in some cases, running to meet their schedule.

There are also a number of retail shops within the terminal, ranging from quick foods, books, clothing and toys. There was a outlet that also sells live crabs!

Airport Journey-36 copy

Airport Journey-33

Airport Journey-31

Airport Journey-41

Airport Journey-42 copy

Auckland International Airport Terminal

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My family had already left for China, so it was really exciting to be able to go and spend time with them over Christmas

I checked in early to take some photos of the revamped Auckland International Airport. Can definitely say that its a major upgrade!

These were taken with the Canon G11 mostly in Auto setting, its a point and shoot that packs a punch!

Auckland International Airport Terminal

Auckland International Airport Terminal

Auckland International Airport Terminal

Auckland International Airport Terminal

Auckland International Airport Terminal

Auckland International Airport Terminal




Waipa Delta Cruise

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Family and myself boarded the Waipa Delta on 26th Feb 2011, in part celebrating both my sons first birthday & mine!

I was worried that my parter would get sea sick, but because it was a beautiful sunny day, and the waters was very calm, all was well in the ‘chundering’ front.

The Waipa Delta used to paddle in the Waikato river, but now resides at Prince’s Wharf.

Waipa Delta Cruise

Waipa Delta Cruise

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