Way to work

In my quest to shed pounds I’ve woke up an hour and a half earlier than normal, grabbed the G11 and marched to the bus stop.

My strategy, to get off the bus a few stops earlier and catch the sunrise over Domain, Grafton and finally University of Auckland.

Waiting for the bus – Because of the foggy conditions, the light streaks from headlamps created a trippy mood.

Way to Work - Auckland Domain
Auckland Domain – Got off the bus a few stops early and walked through the Auckland Domain. Managed to capture the sun creeping through the houses in the horizon, creating a faint Silhouette from the trees.

Way to Work
Had to hurry through the Domain as the sun was rising faster than I expected. Especially like the green field with the soft light

Way to Work

Way to Work
I stumbled across this tree with the field in the background which still had a little bit of fog. The sun rays beaming through lifting the fog.
Quickly unpacked the G11 and took a couple more shots as I was late for work

Way to Work
Sunrise with Low light, really liked the texture of the wet path and its reflections

Way to Work Auckland Domain
At this point, had to start jogging to make it to work on time.
But then saw the warms colors on the trees and couldn’t resist another picture.

Way to Work
This was taken on Grafton bridge with the sun popping out of the building creating a light flare. The sun slowly bringing light and warmth to the city as the commuters head to work.

Way to Work - University
Taken on on the way to work.
Venue – Symonds Street University of Auckland (City Campus).
The row of leafless trees and their branches are mesmerizing.

Way to Work
Minutes away from the Office, the early light creates warm reflections on the building and wet road.


~ by Skunks on September 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Way to work”

  1. I’m impressed with the first shot. Usually P&S cameras don’t do very well in low-light conditions, but the quality is very high, considering it was hand-held. The sunlight coming from the left side of the trees is magical.

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