Northern Steamship Brew bar

Here is a photo of the umbrellas lined outside Northern Steamship Brew bar.
Located around the corner of Gore Street and Quay.

A nice place to relax after work.

Very bright sunny day, Manual F4.0, ISO 80, -2/3 EV

The colors produced by the G11 are bright and vivid


~ by Skunks on September 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Northern Steamship Brew bar”

  1. The perspective and the vivid red umbrellas work really well together. I think I would have corrected the convergence lines and straightened it a little in Photoshop but I admit that I’m more bothered by tilting buildings than most people. The folded umbrellas echo the building shapes. Very effective.

    • Yup agree with the distortions!

      Did play around a bit on LR but the end result was sacrificing too much of the edge bits.

      Had I stepped back a few more steps I probably could have captured a better image to tilt & crop.

      Thanks for the input!

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