Weekend Breakfast – Bacon & Eggs

Wife made my favorite meal on weekends – Bacon & Eggs for breakfast!
Definitely not going to waste any time thinking about the shot so chucked the G11 on auto, held the lens right up to the egg which triggered the macro/flower setting, composed & shot.
Perfect way to start the day
Simple man who enjoys the simple things in life.



~ by Skunks on October 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Weekend Breakfast – Bacon & Eggs”

  1. More of food from NZ!!! How about some BBQ food shots??? =D

    • Will do! Since having a baby we haven’t had a chance to grill under the open sun. Most of our time revolves around serving Denys, but we’re looking to host a BBQ this coming weekend, so stick around for photos of the BBQ session (weather permit)!

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