“Mama Tree” in Michaels Park Field

We recently stumbled across Michaels Park Cricket fields and it has now become a favorite place to take the baby & family for a quick stroll.

I usually jog around the field a few times and sprint up the hills to get a good cardio workout.

So far, it feels much better than running on concrete as my knees dont hurt as much.

I warm up by walking around the field and on this instance, stumbled upon (or under) the tallest trees in the compound. The branches and leaves form a bell shape cone that literally hides the person away from the outer world.  My wife calls it “Mama Tree” as it has this protective feel for everything underneath and within it

Its quite a surreal experience.

Two shots taken with the Canon G11 on different angles and edited in LR3. Changed the mood by playing with presets and HSL colors and achieved 2 very different results.




~ by Skunks on November 9, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Mama Tree” in Michaels Park Field”

  1. What you do with your pictures are amazing! what camera do you use?

  2. Hey thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! 🙂
    I had a Canon 350D with the kit lens and a 50mm (f1.8), after 3 years, replaced it with a Canon G11.
    Check out the “My Gear – Canon G11” page for my review

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