“Haam Sui Gaau” Salt-Water Stuffed-Dumpling

Being a huge fan of yum char, I happened to snap up a few of my favorite Dim Sums. This one is the Salted Water Dumpling, according to Wikipedia: deep fried oval-shaped dumpling made with rice-flour and filled with pork and chopped vegetables. The rice-flour surrounding is sweet and sticky, while the inside is slightly salty.

More to come


~ by Skunks on November 16, 2010.

One Response to ““Haam Sui Gaau” Salt-Water Stuffed-Dumpling”

  1. More! More! I love dim sum (haven’t had it for many years) and never knew the names of the different types. Also, I’m sure what you’re eating over there is different from what I ate in Toronto. Where does the “salt water” come into it? Is the dough made with salt water?

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