Literally minutes after un-boxing the Canon 5DII with 24-105mm f4, I hung the camera out of the window and tested a few exposures in auto.
This is the view from where we stay in Wenzhou (Luchen). I love the contrasts between old/new buildings. The windows, roof all creates a very cosy environment.

My wife tells me that the old traditional houses are now protected from being demolished and upgraded. From a distance they look pretty crap, but I assure you that there’s alot to appreciate about the type of architecture down there, its pretty unique!

I have a few photos of the activities such as night life within the inner streets, which will be uploaded in due course.


~ by Skunks on March 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Wenzhou”

  1. China is such a special place. Love the busyness of this shot

  2. great photo, I’m surprised how clear the sky is… When I was in Beijing last summer, the air quality was WAY better than before the Olympics in 2008 but still quite smoggy.

    • Of the CBD places I’ve visited in China, Wenzhou isn’t actually too bad. They have lots of bicycle/tuk-tuks which the locals really enjoy using which always helps with reducing smog.

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