About Me

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

We’ve all seen and read pros and their photos, sharing their stories and adventures. Images that seem out of this world. I long had this belief that all pros travelled to the farthest and most exotic places, have the most expensive gear and be single.

Years later I ended up marrying my sweetheart, secured a steady job, and recently welcomed our first newborn. For a while my heavy duty equipment (DSLR, lens, filters and tripod) gathered more dust than anything else.

My gear is sold; proceeds applied to pay off loans, but managed to convinced my wife to buy a point and shoot, a Canon G11.

I had hoped to bring back the flare for photography that was lost with the busy lifestyle

Some of the photos appear to be of random-frivolous things. But to me, they are a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us – we just need to look.

Through this blog we are made equal with the same passion for photography. Feel free to browse, critique and share your knowledge.

My name is Richard,

Welcome to ‘1000 words’


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