My Gear – Canon 5D II

I finally got my dream camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II!

This was the camera I had wet dreams of when it first came out, granted it been a few years since it made its debut, however, its ability in making great photos is still unrivalled (for its price).

The kit lens, the Canon EF 24105mm f/4 L IS USM is anything but ‘kit’ lens. It is a serious piece of glass that delivers beautiful images that are rich and accurate. The L badge coupled with the red ring ensures that it is dust proof and allows you to keep on taking photos if the weather turns ugly. Build quality is second to none.

The 5DII feels rock solid in the hands. The canon G11 feels like a little toy (in a good way) after playing around with the 5DII. This is a camera that I would happily carry around if I wanted to achieve great photos, as opposed to snaps. For me, weight is hardly an issue, I get peeved if I knew I should & could have brought this camera, but didn’t.

Granted I will probably never print bus size images, but having 21megapixels at your disposal + RAW does allow you to do some serious crops with astounding final results. One is supposed to get the original photo as optimal as possible but the ability to tighten and crop a large file with a clean photo is very handy. I feel that there is more time to also enjoy the moment than getting worried about the composition etc.

This is the first full frame dslr I’ve come accross, in short it is the same size as a 35mm film frame, its simply awesome and will be hard to go back to anything less. The larger sensor sucks in more light, adding a couple to few more stops up your sleeves.

I love the sounds this camera makes when the shutter is pressed, its very different to the *tsink*tsink* effects of my 350d.

Anyway, that’s enough rant of this fantastic camera, if your sitting on the fence, the only drawback is the $$ needing to satisfy the the L Lens fever!


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