My Gear – Canon G11

Canon G11

Rather than going into the technicals of the camera, which to be honest bores the living daylights out of me (not to mention that there are tons of reviews and tests online already) I would rather give my own personal account of it thus far.

Canon G11 – a DSLR wannabe

In short, it walks the talks

Material & Feel

I’ve handed multiple point & shoots and can confidently say, the G11 is very well built. The weight and materials gives handlers a heavy duty feel. With all the knobs and dials popping from all corners, it certainly gives people the impression that its no slouch!


The dials alone are worth the price of the G11, especially the exposure compensation! You can change exposures of the photos with a single twist of the nob, gone are the days of fiddling through menus. It actually makes photography fun and interesting seeing the effects live as you change the knob and rotate the dials changing on the lcd screen.

Auto Function

For noobs, great news, the auto function on the G11 is fantastic. My wife was not a fan of dslrs but she loves using the G11 and can produce photos that are well exposed, and good detail.  In most cases the auto function is perfect. Enough said.


The G11 makes mince meat out of macros. In auto, just bring the camera closer and it will change it to Macro (flower icon). In any other settings you need to push the flower/macro button. Done

You actually can bring the lens right up to the subject, so close one has to be careful not to touch the lens! It honestly makes macros too way easy, in the best possible way.


Beautiful screen, lots of colors. Has a rotating swivel screen which can be used in difficult angles. e.g taking photos of flowers or low perspective, Lower the G11 to the floor, tilt the screen upwards and you have a whole new world. With a dslr I would have had to lie down.


I take most at the wide end. Slight barrel distortion (i.e. building not straight, gives that ‘Inception’ look to buildings). Not a biggie considering the quality of the images, especially when one can touch up in LR or PS.



4 Responses to “My Gear – Canon G11”

  1. You certainly sold me on the G11! I love my Canon 450D but the G11 is definitely going on my wish list.

    • Prior to the G11, I had a 350D coupled with a 50m f1.8 and the images were amazing.
      Can only guess that its bigger brother (450D) will produce even better results.
      Keep going & all the best 🙂

      • The lenses make a bigger difference than the body. The 450D has a bit more resolution and functionality than the 350D but it’s a similar body. I agree that the 50 is great. My kit lens (18-55) stopped working, so I’m thinking of upgrading to 18-135 as my “everyday” lens. In the meantime, I’m using the 50 again and re-discovering it. But I’m still pricing G11s around here!

      • My only gripe with the ‘nifty fifty’ on the 350D was the crop factor, at times can be difficult to fill the frame and having move a few more steps backwards. Everything else (including price) was top notch!

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